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Quality Handling Systems main business is to provide new sampling systems for mines, processing plants, ports, power stations and other locations where samples are required for analysis. QHS also provides other services such as upgrading existing sampling systems and sample preparation equipment. QHS also provides consulting on sampling requirements, upgrades, reviews, etc.

New Sampling Systems for Bulk Materials

QHS is able to design the complete sampling system to suit the material being sampled and to comply with the relevant sampling standards.

QHS designs and manufactures all the equipment required for a sampling system including samplers, crushers, feeders, conveyors, chutes, dividers, support structures, electrical controls, etc. Most fabrication work is done by QHS and all equipment is assembled and tested in our workshops before despatch.

QHS have experience in sampling a wide variety of materials each with different handling characteristics and different sampling Standard's requirements. Some of these materials include coal, coke, sinter, iron ore, cement, limestone, phosphate, lead concentrates, zinc concentrates, copper concentrates, grain, various ores, various slurries, alumina, aggregates, mineral sands, woodchips, fertilizers, etc.

Each material being sampled has its own particular characteristics and many locations have physical constraints on the arrangement of the sampling equipment. QHS can often design and build specialised sampling devices to suit unusual locations and applications. For these reasons, some of the equipment supplied by QHS is often individually designed or customised to suit a particular application. Sampling equipment that is simply selected from a catalogue often proves to be inappropriate for the material being sampled.

The brochures section of this website contains information on details and features of some items in the range of QHS sampling equipment.

Sampling Systems for Slurries

QHS have developed a range of sampling equipment for sampling slurries. These are mainly installed in coal and mineral beneficiation plants to monitor the process.

The samplers range from simple Fixed Probe Partial Samplers to Full Stream Samplers such as Vezin and Weir Samplers.

Sample Preparation Equipment

QHS provides a range of sample dividers and Crushers for preparing samples for analysis. This includes Rotary Sample Dividers, Hammermill Crushers, Roll Crushers, Pulverisers and integrated sample preparation systems.

Upgrading Existing Sampling Systems

As well as supplying complete new sampling systems, QHS work includes upgrades, modifications and repairs to existing sampling systems. This work is carried out to correct problems such as reliability, accuracy and blockages in existing sampling systems as well as modifying systems to comply with current International Sampling Standards.

Consulting and Engineering Services

Quality Handling Systems provides a range of consulting services in relation to sampling requirements and sampling systems. This work includes:

  • Feasibility studies looking at sampling requirements, sampling concepts and evaluation, plant layouts, and cost estimates.

  • Technical reviews of existing sampling systems to determine if the sampling equipment and its operation complies with the appropriate sampling standards.

  • Inspections and reports on existing sampling systems to advise modifications required to improve reliability and/or bring them up to compliance with the relevant sampling standards.

  • Reviews of existing sampling systems to determine if they can be upgraded to operate at higher flowrates or for different materials.

  • Engineering and drawings for proposed sampling systems as part of the overall preliminary design of major projects.

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